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Ancient Egyptians
When were the Ancient Egyptian times?

The first people settled in Egypt in about 6000BC.  They lived in the areas along the banks of the River Nile.

Below is a simple Egyptian Timeline showing the main events in Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Timeline

6000BC The first farmers settle near to the River Nile.

5000BC The first towns formed.

4000BC The first sailing boats used on the River Nile.

3050BC The first Pharaoh called Menes rules all of Egypt.

3000BC Hieroglphs used for writing.

2900BC Papyrus used as a paper for writing.

2650BC The Step Pyramid built for Pharaoh Djoser.

2530BC The Great Pyramid built at Giza for Pharaoh Khufu.

2500BC  The Sphinx built near The Great Pyramid at Giza.

2400BC  The first obelisks built.

1333BC Tutankhamun becomes Pharaoh.

1323BC Pharaoh Tutankhamun dies and is buried in the Valley of the Kings.

310BC  Alexander the Great of Greece conquers Egypt.  His General Ptolemy is made the  Pharaoh.

31BC  Queen Cleopatra rules and is defeated by the Romans.

30BC Egypt is ruled by Rome.

River Nile
The Great Pyramid
and the Sphinx built
at Gaza.
The death mask of
Papyrus with picture
and Hieroglphs,