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Ancient Egyptians
What transport did the Egyptians use?

The most important form of transport in Egypt was the boat.
The River Nile flowed from Southern Egypt to the North and into the Mediterranean Sea. The wind was generally blowing from the North to the South.
This meant that the boats would use their sails to travel up the Nile using the wind and would use the current to gently cruise down the Nile.

There were many types of Egyptian boats.
Papyrus boats were built with bundles of papyrus. They were steered with oars. They were used for fishing on the River Nile.
Sailboats usually had one square sail and were steered by two oars. They carried goods such as food.
The Pharaoh would have a large elaborate boat in which to cruise the Nile.
A Pharaoh’s last cruise on the Nile would be on his decorated Funeral Boat which transport him along the River Nile to his tomb in a pyramid or a tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

A large boat called the Solar Boat was buired near to the Great Pyramid to allow the Pharaoh to sail and cruise in  the After Life
Viking helmet
Model boat from 2500BC
It had one sail and used 
two Oars to steer.
Khufu's Solar Boat was buired
near to the Great Pyramid.