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Ancient Egyptians
What weapons did the Ancient Egyptians use?

Many Ancient Egyptian weapons were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.  This gave archaeologists  valuable information about Egyptian weaponry.  It showed that there existed both war weapons and ceremonial weapons.

The ancient weapons found included swords, axes, scimitars (curved swords),  bows, arrows, slings,  spears, sticks, shields, maces, throwing sticks (Boomerangs) knives and daggers.

A whole chariot was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun together with many images showing the young king riding and hunting.  In battle, the Ancient Egyptians used the chariot as a powerful weapon against the enemy.

A trumpet was also found which may have been used to give the signal to start a battle or a hunt.

Tutankhamun is shown in battle in pictures painted on a  wooden chest found in the tomb.

Early Egyptian weapons consisted of sticks, knives, daggers, axes, bows, arrows, and spears. These were made of wood, copper, and a sharp stone called flint.

Tutankhamun’s Dagger
Image of Ancient Egyptian Weapons - Tutankhamun’s Chariot Tutankhamun’s Chariot
Image of Ancient Egyptian Weapons - Tutankhamun’s Trumpet Tutankhamun’s Trumpet
Image of Ancient Egyptian Weapons - Throwing sticks or Boomerangs Throwing sticks 
or Boomerangs
Ancient Egyptian Weapons - a scimitar or Egyptian curved sword. A scimitar (sword)
Image of Ancient Weapons - Tutankhamun’s Dagger